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Affordable Insulin for All

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Affordable Insulin for All

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Started by Ellen Smith
Make Insulin Affordable
Type 1 diabetes, which according to the CDC accounts for about 5 percent of all diagnosed cases of …
Started by Healthier Colorado
Insulin Costs $500 a Month. A Bill in Colorado Wants to Change That.
Ten percent of the American population has diabetes. And yet, insulin, the medication needed for th…
Started by Matthew Barnes
Put a price cap on insulin in Florida
I am a Type 1 diabetic and I have been since 1994. Just a couple of years ago the cost for a 3-mont…
Started by Michael Johnson
Blue Cross Blue Shield: Stop overcharging for insulin
You’ve probably heard some of their stories. People are dying because they can’t afford insulin. Th…
Started by Christian Luciano
Price cap on insulin in Pennsylvania
In Pennsylvania, insulin costs $270 a vial - a prohibitively expensive price for many diabetics. Th…
Started by Mindie Hooley
$25 Co-Pay Cap on Insulin in Utah!
Join the Utah #insulin4all Chapter in calling for action on having a co-pay cap on insulin in Utah!…
Started by Brian Ballard
California: Insulin For All
I started taking insulin in 1974 when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11.  I started us…
Started by Jason Karr
Insulin price cap in Georgia
Insulin prices for the insured and uninsured are at a record high. People often have to go without …
Started by leslie Silverman
Cap Insulin Cost in CT
YOU can help us raise a ruckus over the unjustifiable cost of insulin and demand a change. Start 20…

About this movement

Across the United States, millions of people have been diagnosed with diabetes. For the men, women, and children living with diabetes, insulin is not an optional medication. Without insulin, their lives are at risk.

Even worse, over the past decade Americans have seen the cost of insulin skyrocket to unaffordable levels, while pharmaceutical companies cash in on billions in record-breaking profits.

People have been forced to make hard decisions between buying necessary insulin or providing for their families. Some diabetics decide to make monthly pilgrimages to other countries in order to buy insulin at lower prices, while others are forced to make dangerous choices like rationing their insulin supply each month. Some have even lost their lives in pursuit of the insulin they need.

Across the country, everyday Americans have had enough. Dozens of petitions are calling on Government, Big Pharma and the Medical community to lower the cost of insulin so that insulin can finally be affordable for all.

Reach out to decision makers that have not responded. What can you do?
Tony Evers

Wisconsin Governor

Ron Desantis

Florida Governor

Eric Holcomb

Indiana Governor

J. B. Pritzker

Illinois Governor

Bill Lee

Tennessee governor

Phil Murphy

New Jersey Governor

Asa Hutchinson

Arkansas Governor

Gary Herbert

Utah Governor

Brian Kemp

Georgia Governor

Roy Cooper

North Carolina Governor

Mark DeWine

Ohio Governor

Henry McMaster

South Carolina Governor

David Ricks

Eli Lilly and Company CEO

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